The Jury awarded First Prize to the proposal presented by Barceló-Balanzó-Alegre-Lloveras-Roca-Sanmartí Draft Competition for the New Pharmacy Faculty of the Barcelona Univesity

The jury awarded Third Prize to the proposal presented by the team Barceló-Balanzó-Alegre-Lloveras. Draft Competition for the renewal of the Old Power Station of Alcudia, as to reconvert it on a Public Services building

Opening of the exhibition at the Santa Monica Arts Center in Barcelona The Santa Monica Arts Center exposes the exhibition “44 Young Architects 2007” of european and american architects, from the 17th to the 23rd of October. Opening and discussion the 17th October at 19h, at the CASM cloister. Bbarquitectes conference on the 23rd October at 17:15h, at the CASM…

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The Jury awarded 1st Prize to the proposal presented by Barceló-Balanzó-Plasencia-Buendía-Tirwal Tecnica The “Al-Khumra” proposal, presented by the team formed by Antoni Barceló, Bàrbara Balanzó, Alexa Plasencia, Antonio Buendíaand the entreprise Tirwal Técnica S.L, won the Idea Competition for a Multiple-use building for the Teruel City, on a narrow space between Ruiz Jarabo Avenue and the “Cuesta del Cofiero” in…

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The Jury awarded 2nd Prize for the proposal presented by Barceló-Balanzó-Alegre-Lloveras Link on the news appeared on the press on the 15th June 2005. (spanish only) EL MUNDO-BALEARES 15 de juny de 2005 Mangado hará un Palacio de Congresos que es un culto al vidrio tras ganar por un voto a Toni Barceló. El navarro diseñará el nuevo emblema de…

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First Workshop on Educational Architecture Among 26, 26 and 27 of novembrer has been celebrated the first workshop eon Educational Architecture, organized by the COAIB and the Conselleria d’Educació i Cultura (IBISEC) of the Balearic Government. The studio participated on the Workshop, exposing the Damià Huguet High School of Campos.

The buiding of 48 apartments recieved the 2010 AVS Award for the best new Public Housing Developement