Nou Congost Sports Center in Manresa
1st PRIZE Competition

Nou Congost Sports Center in Manresa
1st PRIZE Competition

The urban proposal and implementation of the extension of the new Pavilion is based on the versatility of access and future connections with the existing sports complex. Taking into account the good criteria of the new planning that relocates the parking area, improving its access from the new variant, a new space-plaza is generated for the relationship of citizens as a natural arrival to the Pavilion. A new space for events and citizen activity.

The multiplicity of accesses will allow the diversity of uses of the pavilion;
In the case of sports competitions, the public will access the pavilion from the front, the authorities from the lower part of the south side, and the press and athletes from both ends of the north side. The position of the sportsmen’s access will allow easy connection with possible future extensions.

In the case of cultural, scenic or congress activities, the sportsmen access will become a good access for the artists / guests, and the rest will remain in the same way.

An access for heavy vehicles is proposed for the south façade, from the parking lot, through which trailers and the assemblies of the shows will be able to access.

The main objective of the proposal is to propose a new pavilion open to the city. A permeable pavilion, sustainable and related to the landscape from the common areas and circulation of the spectators. An outdoor gallery will surround the Pavilion on the first level, as a balcony, and will welcome the spectator, allowing access to the different types of seats and seats. It will become a balcony overlooking the center of Manresa and its surroundings. New visuals and new relationships are thus established between inside and outside at different heights in all directions.

It is proposed to dynamize the site, bringing activities and services to the complex, such as a cafeteria, store, gym and water areas that will serve the immediate surroundings. These services could operate independently in the pavilion and will be open to the outside.

As main objectives of the intervention of the Nou Congost Pavilion, we highlight:

– Growth of the extension of the building concentrically; a new bay that solves the program of needs on the first floor,
on the second floor the new bleachers and on the top floor the office, press and authorities area.

– Two very clear benchmarks are established for the proper functioning of the Pavilion and the significant flow of spectators.

– The capacity expansion, up to 5,619 people seated (7,200 people when the track is used and the bleachers are retracted).