Exhibition open until 29th October, Santa&Cole Madrid. If you want more information click here, or check the spanish version of this new.  

Opening: 19th May 2010, 20.30 h. Directior: Antonio Pérez Sánchez San Pedro Church Cloister (Amantes Foundation) The exhibition would like to show the contemporany architecture in Teruel, throughout 11 representative works, built, under construction or in project. Urban spaces as Torico square, Paseo del Óvalo, Amantes sq. or the multiple use public building at Domingo Gascón sq; big cultural containers…

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Muro Primary School, Mallorca The project of the Muro Primary School, by BBarquitectes, was finalist on the Normabloc Awards 2008, Architecture with concrete blocks Web: Normabloc Awards 2008.

New Italian Blood, which has compiled a list of the 10 most emerging Spanish architecture offices whose architects are all under 40 link on web

Public housing block and parking at Can Coll Sector, Torrelles de Llobregat. Barcelona The Jury awards 1st Prize to the proposal presented by bbarquitectes.

Open Competition issued by the Balearic Islands University, UIB Designed with a High Ecological criteria, the new building will contain classrooms, offices and meeting rooms.

Year: 2007 Building of 20 Public dwellings and parking at Badalona

Year: 2007 Building of 30 public dwellings and parking at palma de Mallorca