Exhibition 1110 – Teruel. 19/05/2010

Opening: 19th May 2010, 20.30 h. Directior: Antonio Pérez Sánchez
San Pedro Church Cloister (Amantes Foundation)

The exhibition would like to show the contemporany architecture in Teruel, throughout 11 representative works, built, under construction or in project. Urban spaces as Torico square, Paseo del Óvalo, Amantes sq. or the multiple use public building at Domingo Gascón sq; big cultural containers as the Etnography museum, the enlargement of the Province Museum or the Cofiero Cultural Center; infrastructures as the “Atalaya” lift of San Julián, or interventions on the landscape like the Hotel Complex of Baronia de Escriche or the urban plan of the Vega del Turia.