Sports Hall Mediterranean Games 2017, Tarragona. Competition 1st PRIZE

Sports Hall Mediterranean Games 2017, Tarragona. Competition 1st PRIZE

A sports hall capable of hosting the main sporting activity of the 2018 Mediterranean Games is built. The Palau d’Esports Catalunya, with a capacity for 5000 people, presides over the Olympic ring of the Campclar area in Tarragona, in the future, the space reference sports of the city.

On the southern façade of the building there is the usual access to the Palau, from the backbone that organizes the sports complex: this access will solve the daily operation. On the other hand, exclusive access for major sporting events will be from the north façade, closest to the city.

The topography of the immediate surroundings of the Palau is modified, thus a semi-buried area appears that contains a functional program, and that allows to soften the presence of the building in the landscape. This topographic modification improves the thermal inertia of the complex. This fact is reinforced with the provision of Canadian wells for the renewal of air that allows to solve the air conditioning in the daily use of the equipment in a passive way.

The building is resolved in a single volume that is basically developed on two levels. The dimension of the building is given by the measure of the central space, which will allow it to house 3 tracks of 44x22m contiguously, providing significant flexibility of use.

The Roman Tarraco tradition makes us think of ceramics as the main material, a material that will be the formal support of the building. Used in the ground plan, the façade and the roof, in its different versions, it gives unity to the built complex.

A double façade is proposed in the Pavilion, by way of solar protection: the interior façade is made up of a combination of sandwich panels finished in pre-lacquered galvanized corrugated sheet on both sides, cellular polycarbonate panels, and practicable window modules. On the outside, fixed ceramic slats, arranged according to the orientation and position in height, give the image of the building and protect from solar radiation, avoiding the direct impact on the space of the playing courts.


2020. NAN Awards. Roof of the Sports Center. Material category. Premios NAN. Cubierta del Polideportivo. Categoria materiales. Selected Work Obra seleccionada