MS House, Bunyola (Mallorca)

MS House, Bunyola (Mallorca)

The MS house is located in a rural area of ​​the town of Bunyola near the Serra de la Tramuntana in Mallorca. From the origin of the project, the idea arose of building in the area with the least slope and in a central position of the plot, in such a way as to minimize the presence in the place and dominate the entire plot from this position.

The footprint built in the environment is defined by the limits of the building, without intervening in the rest of the site, conserving the landscape immediately.

It is generated on a reference plane 50 cm before entering the natural terrain. On this rectangular platform rests a volume closed in on itself, a courtyard house, which opens to the south/south-east to favor good sunlight and envelop a cozy space of its own. An impluvium as a reference to traditional Mediterranean architecture. To the north, a large window allows you to contemplate the landscape.

The perimeter of the building contains regular openings to allow the entry of light and natural ventilation. The distribution of the rooms is resolved around the patio. The limits between the interior and the exterior are diluted by means of a sliding system, in windows and shutters, integrated in the enclosure wall whose operation allows the whole to act as a shade house in good weather seasons.

We have worked with simple but effective solutions that have their origin in popular architecture. The building is integrated into the existing environment in its compositional typology, formally and constructively as well as in the choice of materials; local wood, lime mortar, ceramic tile, hurdle and Majorcan shutter. Aspects that contribute to the integration in the environment but also to the zero kilometer construction concept.