Cap Vermell Cultural Center in Cala Ratjada

Cap Vermell Cultural Center in Cala Ratjada

Cala Ratjada is a small seaside town located in the north-east of the island of Mallorca. It was set out as a rectangular extension and contains mainly residential buildings. The new Cultural Centre is situated in the heart of this new extension in an area where century-old pine trees give special character to the land.

Both the microclimatic conditions of the zone and its Mediterranean nature inspired the proposal: a building with an irregular silhouette and a front facade whose recesses and indentations provide personality as well as a degree of shade.

A solid, free-standing, compact building, carved in stained concrete, with the texture and color of the surrounding stone. With a stony and changing appearance, backdrop of the shadows cast by the historic vegetation that remains. The free space is urbanized soberly to allow outdoor activities and a ceremonious access to the Cultural Center, as if it were a ritual; from the square, stroll, discover the entrance and cross the threshold that leads to the interior.

The building is located at the eastern end of the square, giving value to the free space that precedes it. It is a rectangular block with a north-south orientation in its largest dimension.

The floor plan is resolved in three main bays that organize the program of needs of the Center: the bay parallel to the west facade, larger, contains the main parts: auditorium, cafeteria, library and exhibition hall; the bay next to the street contains the smaller parts: classrooms, offices and offices; and finally a central bay absorbs the services, vertical communications and three longitudinal courtyards that favor the natural lighting and ventilation of the building.

There is a double access through the two main facades that lead to a unique and main lobby, and that in section visually runs through the singular program of the center.


Selected Work at the Venice Architectura Biennale 2012. Catalunya-Balears pavillion

Selected Work at the Architecture section, FAD Awards 2011.

Selected work at the IX BEAU

Finalist in the V Enor Elevator Architecture Awards.










Selected Work in the Architecture section, FAD Awards 2011

Selected Work in XIBEAU.

Finalist in the V Enor Architecture Award