1st Prize Public or Collective Buildings- Mallorca Architecture Awards 2014-2016 – New building for the Center of Postgraduate Studies Center of the Universitat de les Illes Balears

The project for the New building at the Center of Postgraduate Studies of the Universitat de les Illes Balears has received the First Prize at the 6th edition of Mallorca Architecture Awards 2014-2016. The awards ceremony took place on Friday 14 July at the headquarters of Demarcació de Mallorca COAIB. “The project is based on the plot with a clear and

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Habitatge a Monells, Seleccionada a la XIII BEAU

The house in Monells Selected Work at the XIII BEAU, Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Bienial   To see the report of the results of the XIII BEAU, click here. To see the project, click here.

1r Prize – Valparaiso Hotel

First Prize in the restricted contest for the Valparaiso Hotel remodel and refurbishment Coauthors: Plasencia Arquitectura   The proposal for the Valparaiso Hotel remodel and refurbishment has been awarded with the First Prize in the Ideas restricted contest.

ArqFuture 47 48 – Spanish Pavilion Expo 2015 Milano

Year: 2015 Spanish Pavilion. Expo Milano 2015

FAD 2015. Selected Work

The Posgraduate Studies Center of the UIB (CEP), selected at FAD Awards 2015

1st Prize – Sports Centre Camp del Ferro

First Prize at the competition held by BIMSA Coauthors: Gustau Gili and Activitats Arquitectòniques The Barcelona City Council on May 15, 2015 made the public opening of the ideas competition for the construction of new Sports Centre Camp del Ferro, in the Sant Andreu district. The winning team of architects in the competition of ideas is formed by Barceló-Balanzó Arquitectes

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1st Prize – Les Aimerigues High School, Terrassa

First Prize at the Draft competition held by Infraestructures Coauthors: Montero-Gracia Arquitectes First Prize at the draft competition held by Infraestructures, to build the new Les Aimerigues High School in Terrassa

1st Prize – Sports Hall Mediterranean Games 2017, Tarragona

First Prize at the comptetition held by Infraestructures and Consell Català de l’Esport Coauthors: AIA, Activitats Arquitectòniques